Wednesday, 12 September 2012

OBIEE 11g User Interfaces

OBIEE 11g gives different types of user interfaces .
Using these interfaces ,we are able to create reports ,publish the reports, create security  groups and users.

Using this we are able to access existing reports & dashboards
and we are able to create reports & Dashboards
This is the link for OBIEE publisher.
OBIEE publisher is to create pixel perfect reports.
like vouchers ,pamphlet ,statements.

This is the links for Enterprise Manager.
Using Enterprise Manager
1.we are able to control OBIEE components(i.e. Presentation services, I services , Java host ,cluster controller) individually or as whole.
2.We are able to upload RPD file
3.we are able to configure Scheduler
4.we are able to upload Catalog folder.
5.We are able to enable disable or enable global chache and specify cache related perameters
6.We are able to configure Mail server.

This is the link for Weblogic console.
Using this link
1.we are able to create Groups, users
2.we are able to create Application roles & Application policy.
3.we are able to map a particular user to groups >Application roles and Application policys.

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